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Current societal problems—such as digitization, climate change, and healthcare—have become so complex that they can no longer be siloed into individual research disciplines. Accordingly, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary competencies are required.
However, these kinds of skills can often appear to contradict one another. 
They require disciplinary assumptions and traditions to be reconsidered,
and new, common approaches to be developed. STS coursework addresses
this unique contemporary challenge.
Current teaching courses

Wissen, Macht und Krise: Wissenschaft und Politik auf dem Prüfstand.

BA/MA seminar, fall semester 2022.

New Knowledge in the Making.

PhD workshop, fall semester 2021.

Co-Producing Knowledge in Transdisciplinary Research Projects.

MA/PhD seminar, fall semester 2020.

Science, Technology and Society.

BA/MA seminar, spring semester 2020.

Transdisciplinary Research Approaches: An Introduction to Key Concepts and Methods.

MA Seminar, Department of Social Sciences, fall semester 2019.

Transdisciplinary Research in Action. Graduate workshop, Centre for African Studies and Swiss TPH, 2 May 2019.

with James Merron, Brigit Obrist, Piet van Eeuwijk.

Impressum: AH and MH

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